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Bible Study


There are many different ways to study the Bible.  One begins by reading the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  This can be done on one’s own or with others. Reading the Bible is not easy.  The books of the Bible are not in chronological order. The Old Testament was originally in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek.  There are translation and interpretation issues.  The scriptures were written over centuries in time.  They reflect different cultures and different ways of thinking.  BUT, by reading the Bible we learn about different people of faith, how they practiced their faith and how they chose to be in relationship to God.  By studying the Bible we come to understand why the scriptures were written, how they were written, for whom they were written, the message to the original hearers, and what message and learnings are there for people living in the 21st Century. We often need assistance in studying the Bible. Reading the scriptures is a lifelong process of learning.  You can start anytime, but now is the best time.


Begin by reading the four gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

Then tap into resources found here.

Then read these books in the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, I Kings, II Kings, Amos, Isaiah, Ruth.

Then tap into resources found here.

Try a 30-day Bible CHALLENGE



Adult Forum

Our Adult Forum meets in the chapel every Sunday from 10:10 to 11:55 AM. The class examines the Scripture passages read in the worship service for that day in an open and non-judgmental manner sharing insights and ideas with each other. There are no wrong answers. For next Sunday’s readings click here.

SHORT TERM BIBLE STUDIES – Led by minister or guest teacher. – Will be announced and included under EVENTS


Bible Study Videos

The Center for Biblical Studies – check out video resources and year- long program