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Reverend Dr. Nicole Wilkinson Duran

We are pleased to welcome Rev. Dr. Nicole Wilkinson Duran to First Presbyterian Church of Cape May.  Rev. Duran has served small, medium and large churches over the past 15 years, and most recently has been the chaplain at Rosemont and Broomall Presbyterian Villages.  She is a member of Philadelphia Presbytery and a regional moderator for the presbytery’s Commission on Ministry. Nicole holds a PhD  in New Testament from Vanderbilt University and has taught Bible and literature in a variety of contexts.  She is the author of several articles as well as the books Having Men for Dinner:  Deadly Banquets and Biblical Women (Pilgrim Press, 2006), and  The Power of Disorder:  Ritual Themes in Mark’s Passion Narrative (T & T Clark, 2009).

Rev. Duran grew up in eastern Ohio, and has lived in Thailand, South Africa, and Turkey.  Currently, she lives in Bryn Mawr, Pa with her husband, Metin and twin sons, Ahmet and Nazim.    Nicole enjoys singing, camping, swimming, and reading good fiction.

A very warm welcome to you, Rev. Duran!!